Wednesday, May 16, 2007

more of the same

Tuesday- 6 miles- 45:34
Wednesday Am- 4 miles- 36min
Wednesday PM-7 miles- 63min with Drills and Striders

I heard from one of my Walter Reed former co-workers today...So here is a shout out just in case anyone is reading. I hear the ever revolving door of staff rotations on to make that sandier pastures, is in effect. (two staff members are off to Iraq)
Who knows perhaps I will find my way back to working WRAMC again in 2008...just not wearing a uniform :-)

I was pleased to feel some lingering soreness in the old legs today. Monday's 8 miles at Lactate Threshold was enough to tear me up a bit. Stress and adapt right? Today was a very boring day in the clinic. Funny how I hate to be busy but I hate NOT to be busy just as much.

So how am I doing with this training thing? Well, since starting the Jack Daniels training plan, I have gotten in the following strong runs at or longer than 90 minutes with 3-8 of the miles at a good pace:
Date- Miles
3/23- 14
5/5-40- first LONG run of a planned 3-4

My weekly mileage has been fair and consistent for a few months now. Not as high as some would say is needed, but I think the key for me is to continue to do and recover from the hard efforts, more so than pounding out many slow miles.

Weekly mileage since the first week of Feb:
54, 62, 49, 52, 70, 82, 51, 51, 78, 70, 62, 53, 53, 95, 53
or 62.3 per week the last 15 weeks.

Ideally the next 5 weeks should be pretty heavy mileage-wise and I will attempt to double a lot to average 75 or so. Then it will taper back in July.

Stay tuned!


WynnMan said...

Hey LoomDog! looks like you have yourself really geared toward the summer and Vermont. Is Vermont your peak race?

I will gel more at Kettle Moraine. I know Meltzer gels like every 30 minutes. I will make sure I do the same. I wasn't ever feeling full or sick, so I could most definitely up the intake.


Loomdog said...

Vermont is a peak race as it is my first chance to RACE! I should hit the USA 3 weeks before..have enough time to adjust to the time change, taper, and be ready to give sub 15 hours a serious go.

My fall is all going to be geared at being in PR shape for the JFK 50. I may run the Tussey 50 or I may run the GEER 100k (but only 80%). I might even run road marathons in sept & Oct, JFK in Nov, then Sunmart 50 in Dec. I'll play it by ear. So many fun little time!

I also want to be respectable at my Ithaca College Alumni XC 5K! Its all about braggin rights you know.