Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Back At It

Tuesday- 6.6 miles 55min
Wednesday- 13.5 miles- 1:48 -90min w up, (6x 35sec hill sprints) c dn

A nice day for running, with a bit of cloud cover, it was actually a few degrees less than 100! The legs felt pretty good, still some remaining fatigued, but I was able to run consistent 2.2 mile laps under 17min. Then on the hill repeats, I ran them just as fast as I ever have. Probably be sore in the calves tomorrow. But a good workout. I really seem to gain a lot from workouts in the 90min- to 120min range. Nice to be back at it only a few days post a LONG long run. I had feared it'd be a week or more of down time to recover. Very happy that was not necessary.

I am already looking forward to my next big one. It will be at the north camp looking at the schedule. That is flat and on roads...but variety is good I suppose.

Today I worked on my "running log into excel" project some. The year 2000. Wow.... fun times running snowshoe races with guys that were not ultrarunners then, but have become them since (Dave Dunham, Lee Schmidt, Ben Nephew) and training with now west coasters Sue Johnston, and Steve & Deb Pero. Seems like a long time ago that I trained up for the MMT 100 with repeats on the infamous 7 sisters Trail Race course.


Sarah said...

Wow - you recovered so quickly! Good work, Greg!

Seems to be that 'Excel log' time of year... After seeing Greg Crowther's Excel log that went back to elementary school, our son, Aaron (currently in 6th grade), decided that the time is right to start recording his times/distances/PRs in Excel. I'll help him set that up this afternoon when he gets home from - he's already got one ultra to log from 2006!

How much info are you recording in your spreadsheet? Just the basics? It must be fun to 'relive' each of those events and think about the people you ran with and stuff...


Loomdog said...

Hey Sara that is interesting! I say have Aaron start now. I began my log in 1984 when I was 10. I have every run I ever took logged. I used to log only the date, distance, and time, but then in 1989 I began to be more specific. I have columns for date, distance, time, weather, and what it was (includes the route, who I ran with, how I felt, and any specifics on splits and injuries) I add up weekly and monthly mileage and keep my races detailed in a separate spreadsheet. I still have 6 years left to input to have everything digitized.

Sarah said...

Wow - that is AMAZING! Good work keeping track of so much info for all those years, Greg!

I'll pass along your reply to Aaron - he will probably want to track his races separately, as you do.

Recovery still going well? How much time will you have after you get home before Vermont?

Thanks, Greg, and take good care.