Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Loops into the Wind

Tuesday: 15 miles- 1:48 12 mile w. up, 3 mile tempo @ 6:16 pace

Tonight I did two 6 mile serpentine loops then made my way to my 1520m loop for a tempo run. I hit a gel at the 12 mile mark (90min) and felt like it stayed in my stomach throughout the 18 minutes of the tempo run...to fast a pace to process.

I managed to run pretty strong battling the wind today: Successive splits of 6:12, 6:02, 5:39 for a 17:53 or about an 18:50 three mile. Not bad considering that was impossible 2 months back, but still not superman pace either. It is hard to hold back these days and I let the third one go a bit. The legs were definitely tired though, no real zip. Easy restful runs the next two days then dark and early Friday morning it is on!


slkrbru said...

I am a blogger. Ok, it may be too early to brag as I only just got started ... but check 'er out!

Have Fun!
Karen S.

Sue J. said...

Greg, I need you to coach me! :) Wow.

WynnMan said...

Hey Loomdog! looks like things are going well. I'm sure you could use a change in scenery though, but soon enough. Good luck on your big training run this weekend. Stay solid and smart.