Thursday, June 14, 2007

A REAL Tempo

Thursday: 16miles- 6 w up, 7 miles at 6:25pace, 3 c dn

Okay recently I have been doing lots of Jack Daniel's suedo tempo runs at lactate threshold pace with short recoveries. I have been modifying a lot of the workouts from the 1998 JD running formula editions marathon structured program (Plan B) and this was another one in that line.

True tempo runs are meant to be continuous efforts at a hard pace...not an all out racing effort, or at a pace like is manageable, but not a cake walk. Today I ran just a touch off my calculated lactate threshold pace- or the pace I should be able to hold for a 15k-10mile race.

After a good warm up I settled in for some laps of my 1520m loop. The plan was for 6 miles since the JD plan called for 3x2mile. but, I got off to a slow start with the first repeat being at marathon pace, and thus I decided to tack another mile on at the end to make it 7. The plan was to back off the pace and make the last mile at marathon pace as well, thus, bookending a 5 miler at lactate threshold. Instead I found it hard to back off.

Splits for 1520m: 6:22, 6:10, 6:09, 6:02, 5:57, 5:51, 6:10. Not bad at all as this was without rest breaks and was about a 40minute 10k. This still sounds depressing to the me that remembers running 35:09 as a 13 year old. But, the effort level was not super high tonight and it (the 40min 10K) is a heck of a lot better than what I was capable of in January.

I don't have a heart rate monitor but I would have liked to have seen what I was at during this one. 45seconds post the effort my HR was 110bpm.

Watch out Crowther. I am up to 7 miles...progressing from Aprils workout....soon I will be doing 41!


GotLegs! said...
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GotLegs! said...

Good stuff Loomis!

I have to laugh when I see you comparing your current times to times when you were younger.

I was slow as a kid so I can still run the marathon times I ran in high school.

But it would sure be nice to run a sub 5 mile/ sub 10:20 2 mile again.

I have to get through States now and the summer. Then, I hope to be able to do some tempo runs in the fall. I haven't done any LT type runs in a couple of years do to injury. I'm looking forward to running fast/hard again.

Keep it up! *tc

Loomdog said...

Hey TOny,

You know who I hold up as a hero is Blake Wood. That guy has been runnig ultras well for years, but he started doing track stuff when his daughter was in high school. He liked it and does it frequently now and is faster now nearing 50 than he ever was. He broke 17min in a 5k this fall!!

If you use something like the JD physiology calculator to predict what actual pace you should be running at, or even go off the HADD advice and run at 160bpm. You might find tempos not TOO hard and thusn ot be prown to injury. I think most people run too fast.

Good luck with that and at Western States!!!!!! Remmeber the race begins at mile 62 and you gotta still have legs when you get there.

I predict the winner will be from the PNW this year.