Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raging Debates

Tuesday- 6 miles 46min easy
Wednesday- 8 miles 64min easy

Debates?????? Not political...rather on training. Lots of questions raised and answers offered on the ultralistserve recently. I even debated with myself about going long this weekend. but, alas, I am sticking to my guns. No more Super long runs needed. Runs of 15-22 miles? Yes. Some hill repeats when I get back to the states? Yes. But 35-50 milers? NO! I think they would do more harm than benefit. I did a 40 and a 50. I showed my body that it can still do that. I trained my quads to handle that kind of stress, now I am letting them recover. I will continue to do lactate threshold workouts after a decent amount of running to train myself to turn the legs over when tired and to train my muscles to better spare and store glycogen.

REALLY looking forward to leaving the Sinai...should happen soon...not supposed to say on public formats like this specifics, but, I now have a plane ticket! As of June 10th I have now been away from my wife for a year. Never doing that again. I, unlike many I serve with, did not forget my vows during my year away. Not sure what the true divorce or infidelity rate is in general America vs. those in the service, but they are both alarmingly high I am sure. Now I am not some incredibly morally righteous person, but dam!.... If you get married wear your wedding ring!

Anyway, back to running... good luck to all my friends out at Bighorn this weekend

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Trail Goat said...

Loomdog you're right that wedding vows should be kept even half a world away, but rememeber not everyone in the army is as fortunate as to have a spouse like Anne! :-D