Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beautiful Charlottesville

Thursday- 8 miles- 71min

Ahhhh Beautiful C-ville. I enjoyed some good conversations with the folks from the UVA library where I used to work and my college advisor for my masters work in exercise physiology. For lunch I Ate the fabulous chicken parm sub from the one of my favorites on the corner. Then I was able to meet up with old training mate Jeff Wilbur and Montrail/Nathan teammate Sophie Speidel for a run. We ran around the observatory hill trails getting me used to technical footing (go go gadget ankle proprioception), hills, and humidity. All should be very beneficial for the VT 100.

Post run I grabbed some Chipotle and headed off to the Massanutten's to camp the rain. It was still fun though.

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Sophie Speidel said...


Thanks for the great training run, mate! I am anxiously awaiting the results from VT100...we toasted you and Kerry last night after Catherine's FA 50K.

How about our training buddy Jeff Wilbur's Hardrock finish? WOW.