Monday, June 4, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sunday: 6.6miles- 54:24
Monday: 7miles- 4.4-38min, 2.2-14:30, striders

Well, as the Egypt days are counting down I am really starting to think about life back in Virginia. Which leads into the hope for great training with fellow VHTRC mates like the incredible Keith Knipling who just pulled off the incredible:

Massanutten 100- 21:18- 3rd
Old Dominion Memorial 100- 17:46- 1st
Old Dominion Original 100- 19:21- 1st

This is stil blowing my mind. Keith is an interesting cat in that he did not run for his high school or college, but did through hike the App. Trail solo. Following those 2100miles he did his first ever foot race- Bull run Run 50 mile followed one month later by a finish at MMT in 35hours in 1999. He has been a competitive cyclist and this may be the reason for the speedy recoveries. Having a lot of accessory muscle helps in the race when normal running muscles and fibers get fatigued you have something else to recruit, and likely helps post event too, as you have another activity to perform to add in flushing the damaged muscle tissue out post race. My hat is off to him.

So I think about this and the fact that even today 10 days post my 50 miler here I still feel the dead quads and soreness! Man, I must have demolished the muscle fibers, or I am just really a wuss. I have been chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of normal runs. I need to get some 80-100 mile weeks in, and a bunch of 17-22 milers. I was even considering moving my 3rd of 3 LONG long runs up from June 16 to June 9...but can't the way I am feeling.

Alas, today I ran a bit more up tempo and the legs actually felt better. Possible due to the muscle recruitment hitting faster twitch or intermediate fibers that were not as utilized during the 50 and thus not as obliterated. Anyway it felt good to go fast. I miss it. It has been 2 weeks and I am starting to get nutty.

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