Thursday, June 21, 2007

USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!

Monday- 4 miles- 35min- my last Egypt miles
Tuesday- 0miles Travel & waiting
Wednesday- travel- 0 miles
Thursday- 14 miles- 1:48

Back on US Soil! Feels very good!

Monday I got in one last tour of the MFO's north base and packed up. I started my 37 hour traveling adventure Tuesday morning arriving back home in Arlington Wednesday at noon. a long time waiting around in airports but no big problems. Very happy!

This morning I got up and headed out with my Nathan pack hoping to put in a good 20 mile welcome back run in Arlington and on the C&O canal only to find out that my legs don't like hills. Within 40minutes I had that dead quad feeling and was humbled by the run. I cut it off early and headed back with a good one in the bank but realized I have some work left to do to get ready for the specifics of the Vermont 100 course. Sure I am in shape...but not for hills. Thank goodness I still have a month left....and that the Vermont 100 is not the Hardrock 100!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

WynnMan said...

Welcome home Loomdog! don't worry you'll get those quads ready. I went on a good hill workout today. You'll be good to go, just some fine tuning with stuff like that.

Plus the flight probably didn't help any either.

keep on keepin on!


Gregg said...

glad to hear your travel went well. Best of luck with the last month of training...
Western States this weekend!

Patrick said...

Good to hear that you made it back alright. Hope you training goes well once you've adjusted to a relatively sand-less environment.

Loomdog said...

Thanks guys it is great to be back where things are GREEN!