Saturday, June 2, 2007

Runners are Stupid

Friday- 4.4 miles- 41mins (3 walk breaks)
Saturday- 6.6 miles- 54mins

Okay the legs are SLOWLY coming back. A good thing as my supper wussy runner's ego and confidence was starting to wain big time. I am not alone in this.... runners have very fleeting confidence. I recognize it and hate it, but seem to be able to do little about it. You are only as good as your last race...and if workouts are poor then for damn sure ALL your fitness is lost. Not logical thinking I know, but I am not alone in these skewed thought processes.

Fortunately it has only been a week since my LONG long run and finallyI was able to run normally today. I was starting to think stupid thoughts like I would never be able to finish Vermont....jeez a run of only half the distance killed can I possibly..... blah blah blah.

Today, I had a normal stride and ran the Hilly / sandy loops well with even a hint of a spring in my step. Quads still have some lingering soreness but hey, that only means I must have killed off all the week myosin heads and destroyed the weakest sarcomeres... Now only the strong survived and I will surely be able to crush the Vermont course.

While running I had a thought about the coming Vermont race that I have been focusing on for a good 7 months now. I don't care at all about anyone else in the race. I know a couple good guys are running (Jim Kerby- AT 100 winner, and Todd Walker- 2nd at MMT '07) but I can't control what they do on July 21st. Just what I do. And I plan on running through the first 50 miles comfortably in under 7 hours and continuing to crush myself and the course there after. I hope to be running strong and even paced splits through 80 miles. And while on training runs most days of the week I envision myself running strongly all the way through the finish line.

I will be lining up to attempt a 100mile race for the 26th time. I know what to expect. And I am trying in training to prepare properly to avoid mistakes I have made previously. If I can pull all I have put into this body the last 7 months back out of it on race day, I will be happy. Whether that brings me home in first or 10th I don't care.


Trail Goat said...

Hi, my name is Bryon and I am stupid.

I sit here feeling like it'll be a huge struggle to finish an easy 20 mile run tomorrow morning. This despite the fact that I easily ran 26 miles at 8-9,000' last week. Sure, I didn't feel like running another 26 miles at that point, but I did run more or less the entire 26 miles. You'd think I'd be smarter than that... you'd be wrong! Nice observation, Loomdog.

Trail Goat said...
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