Monday, June 25, 2007

10K Tempo

Sunday- 8 miles- 1 w up, 10K-40:49, 1 c dn

Wow, getting used to humidity bites! Dry heat is definitely different. It felt like I was running with a coat on. I was feeling unmotivated and ended up at the track by default but it turned into a good workout.

I ran a 6:44 first mile (to much shock and disappointment that it felt hard to run that pace(, then I settled in at what felt like a moderately comfortable pace and ran the next 5 miles each within one second of 6:30pace. I then pushed the 25th lap (86) to get it in under 41minutes. The constant feedback of the track was great, and the soccer players and other runners offered much entertainment. But, I almost missed my Sinai 1520m loop.

I still feel off, and hope it comes around soon. Going off to do some hills today.


runningtwig said...

Thanks for the comment - that is good to hear. And I know what you mean about this heat - the south is unbearable in the summer...and I feel like I never fully get used to it!

Addy said...

I'm sure your normal speed will come around soon. All the environment changes and travel put lots of stress on your body and it needs time to recenter. You'll be back in no time :)