Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Ten Lap Salute

Tuesday- AM- 2.2 mile walk
Tuesday PM- 4.4 miles 37min
Wednesday- 22 miles- 3:19

Finally the legs seemed to return to normal and since it was my last night in the south camp base for running, I figured I would sign off with a good one. I packed a bag (double bag this time) full of Mtn Dew, NUUN, body glide, CLIF shots and water and started off with the idea of running a lot of miles. Reality set in after 15miles that tonight was not a good night to put in an ultra, but I intended to run enough to make the legs sore again.

I established a pattern of running the 2.2 mile loop in 17:30-18:00 min then sitting and drinking for 1:30-2:30 and managed to do 3 laps an hour consistently. I hope I can maintian this sub 9:00 minute mile pace in next months race aswell.

Following the run I had a nice dinner of 800calories of poptarts (the dining hall was closed...what else am I going to eat?) and began setting up the final training schedule leading up to ran day July 21st.

I basically have 4 more weeks of HARD /LONG training and a 2 week taper. I am using the Jack Daniels marathon plan workouts (10 specific ones remaining) and am also intent on getting in regular 20 milers at 8:00 minute miles or "slow twitch stimulating" runs in order to maximize my slow twitch fibers effectiveness. So this is the skeleton going forth:
A 4 Day repeating schedule:
Day one- long easy paced 20 miler at 8:00+ minute miles
day two- recovery 5-7 miles at easy pace
Day three- Daniel's specific workout totaling 13-15miles (most of which at 6:15-6:30pace)
day four- easy recovery 5-7miles

The continued focus on lactate threshold runs will help with efficiency and the regular 20 milers will help with endurance. And I'm going to gamble that I don't need any more runs that are super long. I want to come into a 100 RESTED FOR ONCE! Honestly, I believe I have already got in what I need. This is contrary to what a lot of uultrarunners think (What?! you are not going to run 45milers every weekend right up until 10 days before the race???), but we will all have to wait to see the results!

I think I have finally figured out my body and how best to train it. My focus is on prepping for a faster 100, not a mountain one that will take 30 hours and involve 5,000ft climbs and descents.

John Treacy the 1980's Running legend speaks
EASY DAYS EASY!!!!!!!!!!


WynnMan said...

great post Loomdog, I can't post much for training as it is boring recovery runs. Part of the love/hate relationship of races.


Hart said...

800 calories of pop tarts!? gross. nutrition is a key component in your training so don't cut yourself short by eating garbage. training = breakdown, nutrition = healing. you should invest in some clif shot recovery for after your medium to hard efforts.

your training plan sounds good - i'm going to read up on jack daniel's marathon plan. it sounds similar to the basics of how i coach my clients. it's good stuff and it works.

never heard of john treacy but it was a good read - thanks!

WynnMan said...

Hey poptarts would be healthy for Dusty Olson! YOu' would'nt believe what that crazy dude puts in his body and he is still stellar.

GotLegs! said...

Greg, it will be fun following to see how the training plan works for you. I'm trying to figure this stuff out as well. It's not just about finishing now. Even with mountain 100s - but I do get what you are saying. My main change is going from hard week day runs and slow long runs to quality long runs and recovery runs during the week. I'm not to the point where I can do the tempo runs in the mix, but hope to get there ... *tc