Monday, October 8, 2007


Last week- 21miles on 2 runs, some walks
Sunday- 9 miles w/ Anne
Monday- 3.5 mile walk

Yep, I took Last Sunday off to rest up, drive 14 hours on Monday. Spent Tuesday-Friday in Chicago (yes it was warm then too) then drove for 17 hours (with two stops to sleep for 60min) home on Friday afternoon eve. Not much running going on.

I hate that changes in schedule and routine totally mess up my running. It shows I am not too serious about training that I let other things and "being busy" get in the way of getting out the door. I am very "on" or very "off" with my running. Kinda stupid really.

Anyway, time to get back on it. Legs feel great. I weigh 129-130lbs.(back to my ultra-race weight) And I am really looking forward to some bigger races coming up. Must focus now!

Good news is my grad program in prosthetics through Northwestern is underway.

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