Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another strong week

My boy is getting bigger...and they are getting along better.
Saturday- 11 miles- last two in 13:02

Strong week of 66 miles after 68 last week. More to follow hopefully!

Looking ahead I was given a seeded number for JFK (12) Something to live up too! :-)


afuntanilla said...

i'll be catching your dust from far behind....

Sue said...

Hey Greg, I'm listed as #4, so obviously the "seeding" isn't too serious!


WynnMan said...

Hey Greg! looks like things are going well for JFK. You'll have to email me when you get to Chicago. I may do Ice Age again this spring, but a 100miler is also in the midst too, so we'll see.

Trail Goat said...

Nice work, Mr. Seeded Runner! If I can get away for a while, maybe I'll come up and watch some of JFK. Wish I was joining you out there. Lesson learned - enter as soon as any race opens, no matter how unlikely you'll think it will fill in the short term.

I hope you are getting antsy for this weekend. Should be great weather for Marine Corps.

crowther said...

Hi Greg -- It turns out that I will be at JFK too, so say hi if you see me before I see you!
--Greg (#08)