Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Puke Eater

Sunday- 8.5 miles with Anne
Monday- 6.5 miles- 1:24 ( ran 5 miles, then walked 40minutes)
Tuesday- likely day off

Okay after running 9 days in a row and putting in 22 hours of running the last 13 it caught up to me yesterday. DEAD hamstrings, dead legs, super tired. I aborted my intended 12 miler and walked back to the car. This is okay though, just need to rest a bit. I used to train like this a lot. Throw down the miles and workouts until I felt like crap.... then took a day off and got back into it. It seems to work pretty well, though I know if I ever scheduled my runs and workouts to a planned program I probably fair better. Whatever, I can't seem to stick to one.

Anyway- an eventful last two days as my poor kitty has been sick and my stupid puppy thinks that stopping what he is doing and running full bore to the sound of the retching cat in order to attempt to eat up the puke is ABSOLUTELY THE THING to do! I don't think so...gross!

1 comment:

Gregg said...

My dog once slurped up a floor full of my sons sour milk once or twice...
keep up the good running.