Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deathmarching in town

Wednesday- 2:29- 14 miles???

Today I went exploring the trail system around the James river again. I was trying to find a northern extension..that doesn't exist, but I ran on some nice roads and did some urban adventure scrambling up/dn super steep hill edges along the railroad tracks. Then I ran the trails I know and asked a local runner I met about the trail system and was tipped off to trails on the northside of the river.

Well, after a decision at the 62minute point of my run to try and find all of the trails, I launched into what should have been an easy loop connecting south and north sides of the river with the Robert E Lee and nickle bridges...... Which I eventually did..but I got detoured a bit onto an island in the middle (of sorts) which I had to back track out of. All this time I ran with no water or food and so I bonked pretty intensely and had to walk the uphills the last 30minutes and completely waxed my hipflexors. ugh.

Super tired post run. But hey after watching some video's on the Hanson-Brooks team and Brian Sell I was looking for just this kind of run. I need to toughen up.

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