Friday, October 19, 2007

In my eye!

Thursday am- 7 miles trail 1:04
PM- 4.5miles roads- fartlick, 10x 30-60sec surges
Friday- 9miles 1:11- hilly roads

Well I completely figured out the riverbank loop in downtown Richmond. Not sure how far it is but running pretty strongly it took me 59minutes. a great loop with mainly single track that constantly is rolling hills alongside the James river. Some concrete as you cross the river on two bridges, but a fun one. This and double loops will become a staple of my running here. It is a 5 mile drive to the trails from our house.

On the loop yesterday I saw two snakes on the trail. One 3 foot long black rat snake and one 10 inch unknown kind....both looking for some sunshine. The worst part was getting a bug in the eye mid run. UGH! First it hurt as it hit me square on when it was flying and I running...then it hurt as it burned in there getting caught up under my eyelid. I don't think the entire bug came out for the rest of the run...maybe not even now??? It still hurts and has been pus-y, crusted gross since. Yuck.

In the afternoon I decided to start toughening up and went out to do some speedy stuff on the local game in progress. So I went and did a simple fartlick in the neighborhood. This made today's 9 miler a bit stiff and achy, but I need to throw it down now for a while. JFK 50 is 4 weeks away!

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