Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding the Dirt

Monday- 8 miles rolling hills 61min
Tuesday- trail exploration 1:18 (7 miles??)

I finally found some good dirt here in Richmond. I got onto some single track along the river and managed to tour around Belle Isle (and took time out to read the interpretive historical signs...1000+ Union soldiers died on the island ((an open air prison)) during the civil war). It was a good run and I have already come up with a way to weave this trail system into a long run from my house. Exciting! You see I am lazy... through and through LAZY. I only run loops or set runs that are convenient. When I lived in San Antonio and found a 3 mile loop in my neighborhood. That is all I ran. and 3 miles felt like a long ways. Yet when I lived in Charlottesville I created a 15 mile loop in town connecting two sets of trails, and also worked out a 10 mile loop in a park. So I ran 10 or 15 most days of the week. Is anyone else this silly??

So now maybe I'll start putting in some real miles. a look at the last few weeks shows some consistently good numbers, but not great:
50, 61, 57, 75, 85, 21 (in Chicago), 68

A big congrats goes out to VHTRC stud Keith Knipling on his Virginia slam finish this weekend

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