Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finished finally!

Tuesday- 9.5 mile with 3 @6:49 pace
Wednesday- 7 miles easy

Well I got the running log conversion project (from paper into an excel spreadsheet) back out and finished it up completely last night.

The log starts in 1984, with daily entries beginning in 1987 and continuing completely since.

Some stats: 42,002 training miles to date (39, 679 miles running 2,323 miles walking)

545 races competed in....

And counting!


WynnMan said...

ahhh yes memoirs of Mr. Loomis. I just started a running journal last year as it was my first "real" running year. It must be pleasing looking back at all you have amassed.

Sue said...

Hey Greg,

Did you start your running log at age 7, or what?! See you at JFK I guess!


Loomdog said...

I started the log when I was 10. I ran a bit with my Dad in the evenings 0.5-2miles at a shot for a few summers and in 1985 ran my first 5k and 10k. 1987 I ran varsity XC as a 7th grader and have been logging daily ever since.

The project (and thus entire log review) was amazing and fun. Many injuries and stupid things done over the years that look blatently obvious now with hindsight.

I recommend keeping a log to everyone.