Friday, July 6, 2007

Fake Recovery

Thursday- 9.5 miles- 2 w up 3x2mile-12:44, 1.5c dn
Friday 5 miles-46min easy

Fake recovery! Well, my legs felt fine on Wednesday...just a little tired so Thursday I fired up one of my last pre-race tempo runs and ended up cutting it short. I have been loosely following the Jack Daniels Marathon plan B program for 15 weeks now and this tempo was supposed to be 4 x 1.5miles with a long cool down. Since I had been doing these runs in Egypt with a long warm up and have been adding to the scheduled miles run at lactate threshold pace, I figured I would do a 4x 2 miles with 2min rest at around 6:15-6:20 pace.

When I got into the first repeat I found I had to press to run this pace and when I relaxed I was running closer to 6:32 pace. I ended up running 12:44 and was a little dissapointed. I went into the 2nd one thinking I would start to feel peppier, but did not, and again ran 12:44.

Then on the third one I started off with a 6:24 mile and decided to press a bit to keep them even but would definately stop after the 3rd repeat. Again I ran 12:44 but had to work to do it when normally these runs at lactate threshold feel easier.

Following the 2 mile reps I figured I'd do some striders on the turf infield. WOW! no wonder that pace felt so hard! My hamstrings were shot. As soon as I ran one strider and really accelerated my hamstrings started barking at me. Still sore from last weekends LONG walk and run. It was that DEEP dead soreness that FAKE recovers but is still lingering. I must rest.

Today's run was an easy one in potomac overlook park....beautiful! I ran with my TIMEX heart rate monitor (I re-found it and had the battery replaced yesterday) so I monitored my pulse. surprisingly low. I ran at my easy pace on rolling trails and had 120-130 most all the time. It only pushed up to 142 on the big hill. Interesting.

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