Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Monday- 3 miles- 23min easy
Tuesday-= 0 miles- Travel
Wednesday- 7.5miles- 60min

Independence!!!!!!!!!!! This day has new meaning this year as I am now officially a civilian. I was honorably discharged yesterday...thus truly a free and independent day. And no I did not shave this morning!

A few easy recovery days training -wise. The legs are coming back. Long drives didn't help, but I will be good to go tomorrow for a decent workout. Today I got "chicked" on the bike path running along at 8:00 mile pace when some fit gal ran right on past me. Just when I start to think I am in good shape. Honestly, today on the bike path I was around the biggest number of exercising/moving people ever (excluding a formal race). Pretty amazing. I wish it was always like that. Traveling I-95 lot recently...America is HUGELY fat.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th!! You are now independant and a kept man - enjoy it all!! ;)


Crash said...

Pretty sweet independence day gift. Enjoy the new found freedom.

Hart said...

welcome to the free world.. and THANK YOU for serving our country!