Monday, July 9, 2007

Finishing Touches

Sunday- 7 miles- 2w up, 2 x2mile- 12:03, 13:47, 1 c dn
Monday- STAIRS!!!!! 150 flights down

The last two days, with the legs feeling good, I put some of the finishing touches on my Vermont 100 prep. Needing to maintain my stride efficiency and lactate tolerance I went to the track again yesterday. And today wanting to hit the quads one more solid time with some eccentric work, I did a "Biggest BANG for the least buck" workout on the 19 floors of stairs in my apartment building.

Yesterday running at 3:45pm in the big time heat and humidity (on purpose) I went to the track to run some faster paced stuff to let my leg muscles continue to have optimized enzyme levels for glycolysis. I did a strong 2 mile wearing my HR monitor while doing 6:00 mile pace. I wanted to see where I am at currently while running this pace. 6 min miles used to be something I did and monitored frequently. I started out in the low 160's and was at 163 at the 6:01 mile split. Then it crept on up to 170bpm by the 8th lap. (2miles-12:03-164 ave HR). Then I took 5 minutes rest and started up again settling to the smoothest run I could do at a HR just below 160. This pace turned out to be a bit over 6:50 per mile. (2 miles- 13:47- 159 ave HR) Not sure what any of this means in 94 degree heat, but it will be interesting to compare to next month when I start doing workouts again after Vermont.

Today I opted to just run in the stairwell in order to minimize the effort expended while optimizing the eccentric contractions per time spent moving. I simply took the elevator to the 19th floor and then ran down the stairs two at a time letting each foot plant be a bit hard all the way into the basement. With each leg getting a little jump and landing, the 7 trips was enough to give my thighs that shaky-sore feeling...and the workout only took 20 minutes! I figured this would accomplish the same thing as the hilly road 10 miler I had planned.

Now I will rest up......but, continue my normal 3 day pattern (workout, easy, moderate, workout) with the remaining workouts being on the 12th, 15th, and 18th. Next up a 14 miler on my favorite loop back in Campbell, NY from my high school years.


GotLegs! said...

Nice workout ... again! An "in between" option for legs strength training is an hour on the eliptical machine. I would have never thought I could get in good shape until I was forced to use the machine last year while injured. If you have access to one, consider it an alternative.


WynnMan said...

I thought you might like an inspirational/montage song before VT. I should have kept that Bangels tape, their one hit wonder song.. Walk Like an Egyptian.

good luck out there, you'll do great.