Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jurek is Amazing

Friday- 3miles- 24min easy road run

I just have to sing the praises of Scott Jurek. He is amazing having just won the Hardrock 100 in course record time. In fact about 2 hours faster than this CCW direction has ever been run.

Lets take a look at Scott over the last 9 years:

7 Western States 100 mile victories- owns course record (99-2005)
2 Badwater 135 mile victories- owns course record (2005, 06)
1 Spartathon 153 mile victory- 2nd best performer ever (2006)
1 Hardrock 102 mile victory- owns course record (2007)

11 for 11 in focus races. The guy is amazing.
(and a Physical Therapist like Nikki Kimball and yours truly)

Good luck vibes go out to good friends Jeff Wilbur, John Prohira, Joe Prusaitis who are still onthe course, and Montrail team mate Krissy Moehl who is on pace to get the women's course record!!!!!!!


Trail Goat said...

Scotty Mills is having himself a solid race in an effort for his 5th HRH finish!

Gregg said...

looks like all the "chi" is in the works for you at Vermont. the performances today were amazing! i will be doing an ultra some day, when i do, i will be looking your way for direction.
Best of luck!

Loomdog said...

Why wait? Jump in an ultra this fall. The training for the mile will be helpful?! no? Thanks for the positive vibes. One week from now things should be very interesting.

Looks like the amazing Scott Mills is going to finish 10th. Awesome!

Hart said...

seattle ultrarunners rocked hardrock!