Thursday, July 12, 2007

Post 99

Tuesday- 4 miles easy- 44min trails in VA
Wednesday- 0 miles ...completely lazy, but I'm tapering!
Thursday- 14 miles- 1:55

Well, time passes by for sure as this is the 99th blog post I have made. Doesn't seem like that long ago I started it though. I am in NY now, tapering and relaxing on vacation. Feels good, but still a tinge of guilt at not banging out the mileage. Looking back over the training log I never really did put in too many big weeks. I have been very consistent since February, but always in the 50-75 mpw range with just 3 weeks above this. My fitness is good my weight is good, but I certainly have come into 100 mile races with a bigger mileage base peeks though...just not as consistent as the last 5 months.

While tapering I think everyone begins to question whether they are really prepared or not. I sure am. I tried to include all of the pieces of the puzzle. And feel confident that I did. I just wish I had more of those pieces in the log!.... More general mileage (I wish I averaged 70-75mpw rather than 61mpw I have the last 20 weeks). I wish I had 3-4 runs of 40-50 rather than the two (2) I got in. And I wish I had two walks of 10+ hours rather than the one 14 hour 40 miler I did.
But, overall dealing with what I had to work with I feel like I did a good job. Not having hills to train on is going to hurt me. Today I ran a familiar 14 mile loop that I used to do routinely in high school and when home on breaks from college. I ran 1:55.....about a minute per mile slower than I used to do. (My CR = 1:33) that was not good for the confidence and although the 2.3 mile gradual up hill felt pretty good. (HR ave 143 while running 8:45 pace up) the 2 mile steady downhill hurt my right calf and was felt in the quads. Yep those Vermont hills are gonna suck!

Beautiful weather today 69-73 sunny 50% humidity. WOW. Hope it is like that next week.

Good luck to all those at Hardrock!

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Trail Goat said...

I hope you are resting again today. Go find a lake, sit back with a bag of chips and some salsa, and just watch the day go bye. Ok, so that's just what I'd do if I were in your shoes. :-) Glad to hear you are enjoying NY.