Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ithaca is Gorges

Sunday- 6 miles -2 w up 2miles-14:03, 2x800- 3:05, 1 c dn
Monday- 2 miles- walking trails
Tuesday- 3 miles- great trails

A tiny touch of speed Sunday just to stay loose. 7 min pace is at 152bpm, the 800's were at 162bpm. following this session at my old high school, Campbell-Savona Central, I was fortunate to be able to meet up with 5 old college buddies for some fun the last 2 days in wonderful Ithaca, NY. What an amazing town and area. Great time hiking and jogging trails and swimming in the many gorges.

Pack up tomorrow and travel Thursday!

Please visit Ithaca College Alum and good buddy Ian Golden's store: Finger Lakes running Club!


Bob Gentile said...

Hey Greg, Found ya from Krissy's blog, Have a great VT100 race this weekend!!

Trail Goat said...

Enjoy VT100 this weekend. I kinda wish I was joining you in this venture, but know that Catherine's BB is more compatible with my training at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Loomis, Have a great race in Vermont! Goat and me are meeting in SLC at the end of August for a running week from the Grand Tetons to Wasatch. You up for a road trip? Steve B-