Sunday, February 3, 2008

Uwharrie 40

Friday- off
Saturday- 41- 7:38
Sunday- off recovery

Wow, what a race! Uwharrie is a tough run...great singletrack, no huge climbs, but constant undulating hills with decently technical terrain that never lets you open up and click off some quick or easy miles. I underestimated the course and figured I was fit enough to run a sub 7 hour run here, but was not even close on the second 20 after hitting the half way turn around in 3:31. I never completely bonked and had no stomach issues yet again ( 9 packs of 200 calorie shot blocks with water, coke, and NUUN was all I ingested), but I did not have the skills to run any faster.

I opened up pushing pretty good on the first climb then settled in with the heartrate hitting 145-150 for the first 5 miles then stayed steady with an ave HR of 141bpm at 20 miles. I only managed an ave of 132 on the second 20 for a total average of 136bpm for the race. Stats here.

I was really fortunate to hook up with CJ Blagg of Arlington and VHTRC fame at mile 9 and managed to run with him the entire rest of the run. We were perfectly matched and helped one another enjoy the truly amazing weather day (clear and still with temps of 32-60).

VHTRC folks were everywhere with Sean Andrish running the 6th fastest time ever (6:05) for the win and several others in placing top 10. On the womens side VHTRC represented well with new friend and C-ville Running Club teammate Alyssa Godesky running 8:00 and Sophie pounding out a strong 8:08 for 6th and 7th.

All in all it was a great day and a great event. I am glad I am finally able to say I have run the famous Uwharrie trail. Now on to Mt Mitchell!


swolfe said...


Uwharrie runs like a tough 50 miler. No flow, lots of chances to fall. My only experience with the 40 was an ice year. It was so bad that the 20 miler was cancelled. That race wrecked me for a month. I could hardly move at Holiday Lake the next weekend. Congrats on your finish and adding a North Carolina classic to your list of ultras. You'll enjoy Mitchell. Much, Much easier.

Take Care


Loomdog said...

Scott, Runs like a 50 is right! I was a bit sore on Sunday and Monday. I hope to get back out running today, but I am looking forward to Mt Mitchell. Depending on the weather it might be an hour quicker from what I hear. Happy Trails