Saturday, February 9, 2008

speed?? not really

Friday- 4 miles

I went over to the track to gtet the legs moving and ran 8x100 striders doing a 6:45 mile in 100 on/100off fashion then did some 200's in 36.6(slightly uncomfortable), and 39(comfortable) then a 3:03- 800m in total control. Just a little bit to get me moving for saturdays race.

speed is my friend speed is my friend....must remember.....

I checked out a bunch of folks blogs today and was super inspired by Mark Godale. He is 1999's ultrarunner of the year and has run amazingly from 2:30's marathons, 100 mile trail victories, strong showings internationally (Comrades, 7:08 world 100k, and a 30hr -153mile spartathlon), as well as having set an american record 162.4miles in the 24hr road event. Mark has slowed over the years but appears to be really trying to get back to the top. Check out his recent training! Damn I need to get off my duff!

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