Friday, February 29, 2008

Chasing Annette

Sunday & Monday- off
Tuesday- 13 miles easy treadmill
Wednesday- 6 miles road
Thursday- off

Okay just for curiosity sake I looked up what I thought I remembered. And it turns out it did happen. The amazing Annette Bednosky ran the February triple that I just completed this month in the year 2005. The same year that she went on to win the Western States 100 miler in an amazing 18:39. What is this February triple you ask? Uwharrie 40 mile, Holiday Lake 50k, and Mt Mitchell Challenge 40 in the same month.

How did I stack up:
Annette: Uwharrie 40- 6:59, HL50K- 4:51, MMC- 5:50
Me: Uwharrie 40- 7:38, HL50k- 5:07, MMC- 6:23

Later that spring she went on to run what will be my next two scheduled events:
Bel Monte 50k- 4:59
Bull Run Run 50mile- 7:40

In her amazing year she set course records at the two 40's and BRR 50.

It will be interesting to see how I can stack up. Annette you rock!


annette bednosky said...

You make me smile! I Love that "triple" you speak of..enjoy your next 2 events. What you don't know is I attempted Chocolate Bunny the night of Bel Monte and dropped sometime in the middle of the night. I was too worn out from chasing Anne L earlier in the day!
What are your goals for BM and BRR?

Greg "Loomdog" Loomis said...

Ugh bel monte chocolate bunny dubble is a tough one. I don't think Aaron ever recovered from that one when he did it.
as for me Bel Monte is another run in the "I want to explore and experience a new event" crowd for me this year. BRR I would like to race hard and see if I can go sub 7:30 again. A lofty goal, but hopefully by april I'll be ready to roll. Good luck to you in getting back into 2005 form.