Friday, February 8, 2008

Hills Hurt!

Tuesday-walked 5 miles
Wed- off
Thursday- 6 miles easy pace

I watched the great documentary Supersize Me while walking on my treadmill Tuesday... I figured I had to be moving to watch the film. amazing documentary...a must see if you have not already. UGH! 25lbs and wrecked liver enzxymes levels, cholesterol, and BP readings in a mere 21 days of McDonalds!! crazy. America is in trouble when people think it is okay to drink four (yes 4) full 2 liter bottles of soda a day!

I thought my one glass of diet coke a day was bad....still going to kick that habit. I don't like caffiene headaches when I don't get my coke in every 24hrs. Having an addiction like that is pretty rediculous.

Sooooooo downhills hurt! my left quad still has some lingering deep soreness going on. Probably because I never run long downhills anymore. I need to add this training back in if I plan on running well in my upcoming ultras:
2/23- Mt Mitchell 40
3/8- group 34 miler in VA
3/23- Bel Monte 50k
4/12- Bull Run 50
5/10- Ice Age 50
6/7- Kettle Moraine 100k

The Hardrock Lottery was held last weekend.... I was not super lucky, but may still have a shot getting in to the field. (I'm #22 on the waitlist) I really wanted to run in 08 as this year they run the course in the clockwise direction which I have never done. (I ran 36:18 in 2000- ccw) and DNF'd after 60 miles in 05-ccw). So I guess I will have a lot of waiting and seeing.

I'm looking forward to May and June in Chicago as now I have a place to live and will be running a commute back and forth to the Rehab Institute of Chicago along the lakeshore bike path 6-7 miles each way.

Next up is a 10k trail race in charlottesville along some of my old stomping grounds from when I got my masters at UVA in 2000-2002. The CRC does a great job with these events and I am looking forward to racing against some other trail lovers.

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Miss Tenacity said...

At #22 on the waitlist (actually, #21 at the moment...), I think you are VERY VERY likely to get in.

Obviously, there are no guarantees, especially coming from me! But you're looking good, so plan to come to the San Juans this summer...