Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 7

Solid week: 63 miles- 9 runs, 1 tempo, 1 stair workout

Sunday- off
Monday- 7- easy
Tuesday- 7 AM, 7 PM - into head wind 44:02!!!!
Wednesday- 7AM, 7PM- sore calves
Thursday- 7 easy -
Friday- 7 easy following 6 sets x 18 floors stairs
Saturday- 7AM, 7 PM

Feeling okay, a bit overwhelmed.....settling in for a stretch of 5 tests in 4 days....Lab final, oral exam, practical exam, written lower extremity tests, written final exam..

Evaluate and RATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Bob Gentile said...

6 sets x 18 floors stairs
I really need to ADD stairwells to my training now...going to do the Grand Tetons 100 and this flatlander needs to work STAIRSSSS & Bridges, yupper those are My FL mountains...sad chitt I also need to move to a trail area (sigh)))

Great Week Greg, looks like an A to me :-) Way to go!