Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm DONE! Prosthetics program complete and time to go back home to Virginia.

2nd great news.... I'M IN HARDROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually got a call from the RD the day Western States was cancelled......which felt odd to be so happy when so many were so sad.

Another strong week of running while juggling final exams:

Sunday- off
Monday- 7 AM, 7 PM
Tuesday- 7 AM, 7 PM
Wed- 7 AM
Thurs- 7 AM, 7 PM
Friday- 7 AM
Fly out tomorrow wicked early in the morning

Chicago has been great but I am really eager to be home with Anne


Bob Gentile said...

Great News Bro on HR!!!!!!!!!!!!

One word

Stairwells :-)

well actually ur getting close to tapering huh...u going to go out early to try an acclimate?

Sophie Speidel said...

YAY Greg! Have a great time out there. You deserve some R&R after all your hard work in Chicago. Can't wait to hear all about it!


Dave said...

Greg -

Congrats on getting into Hardrock. Being a Chicagoan; its really, really tough to train for something like that around here - so hopefully going back East (which is home for you, but I lived there for 5 years, and am happy to be back in Chicago) is a help.

amy said...

welcome home Loomdog! once you're in or close to the district you'll have to join us for WUS. it's the thing to do on tuesday evenings in DC.

congrats on Hardrock!

Sue said...

Really happy for you, Spiffy. :) Good luck out there!! (and hope you don't have to save anyone's life this time--teehee!)

Yer bud,