Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kettle Moraine 100................K

Sat- 100K- 14:00:16

A great course, great aid, awesome volunteers, super course marking, beautiful country, but

Worst conditions in my 75 ultra starts:

90 with 90% humidity
miles of open sun exposed running
torrential sideways rain, lightning and wind with tornadoes in the area

I had great legs and no body issues other than massive dehydration that caused diarrhea from hours 4-8. Seven pit stops total left me reeling and led to me getting behind in caloric intake. I took time out at the 31 mile aid station (first out and back turn around). Probably spent 20 minutes using the bathroom, eating, drinking, getting salt, trying to cool off. slowly got things back in order and was running well again by the time the rains came 10 hours into the race.

at 10:50 into the race I sought shelter in an outhouse as the sideways rain and huge winds made running impossible. An interesting 15-20 minutes as I and two others who also sought shelter in there waited for things to calm down. Peeking out the door, the rain looked like a snow white-out. Since the county was under tornado warnings I thought the race might be called. But after reaching the next manned aid station all seemed to be a go. Rain continued on and off as I approached the 100K finish at 8pm. With darkness approaching and the thought of cold crazy rain helped me decide I had had enough fun for the day. I left the mosquitos to drain someone else dry!

a great training run for Hardrock......14 hours of movement, dealing with stomach issues, and wet pruned feet.

Now time to study....3 weeks of school remaining


Dave said...

Loomdog -

That's still a tough mental effort. I didn't run KM; but the high heat and humidity sapped me today and I cut my long run short at 3 hours. You've humbled me. Take pride in it; the weather wasn't cooperative - finishing is impressive.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Greg, ya KM was my first 100 mile race, Ultra Gods gave me a good day huh, ((bastards))--lol

I had bad Fueling issues just didn't want to eat ANY solid foods after 26 miles so I was falling behind every friggin hour...I did get to 100k and had my fill.

but it was an amazing time, we ran in the meadows at the WORST time cause we were in the back of the pack so that was our reward 4-5 inches of water trails for miles & miles...we pretended it was Costa Rica :-) during that trek...

Can't wait to follow ur HR race, God that course is SO AMAZING...not sure if you seen these Hardrock Photos but I look at them at least once a week!

Happy HR Trainings Greg !

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Congrats on getting 100k in Bob. many did not. Looks like 37 of 114 runners made it the full 100m. pretty LOW finisher precentage there! wow!

I am glad I pulled the plug at 100k, my legs have come around nicely and I am able to get back into training already (7 iles yesterday) where a full 100 usuallly knocks me out an entire week.

Today I tried to get into the Hancock building in downtown Chi-town to work the stairs but I got denied access. hmmmmm. I have been taking the 17 floors of the RIC building daily. I'll just have to increase my reps there. Hancok would have been more fun though. I think it is 87 flights or something.

Bring on the Hardrock headaches!

Anonymous said...

Hey man way to gut it out. I was there too. I agree worst conditions ever. I also dropped at the 100km. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you brother. Good luck at Hardrock this year.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Greg I just posted my TOP 10 km moments, some funny chitttt when you put it down on paper on what happened out there the past weekend.

Glad ur back to ur HR trainings already, is this ur first HR?

from what I heard from ultra land that is a tough one to get least they made that change that the winner doesn't have to go through the lottery and are automatically in to DEFEND their title...I mean when I saw Jurek was on the waiting list I was WTF?? is up with that.

anyways Happy HR Trainings, keep climbing those Stairs!!!!!