Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving on UP!!!!!!!

Guess who is number one on the Hardrock waitlist????????????


Read all about it here

Time to step up the stair workouts!!!!


Trail Goat said...

Sweet! I'm keeping my fingers crossed ... only 180 more drops to go!

Bob Gentile said...

Sweeeeet Greg almost officially there..

click here Really no need for stair steps, doesn't look that bad :-)

When I look at this pick I get nauseous ... ummm I think some stairwells might be a good idea.

Bob Gentile said...

PS: Pic is The decent of the north face of Grant-Swamp Pass, a little slower without snow.
but u guys will no doubt have snow this year.

have u gotten the skinny yet on how bad the snow is there??

ultrastevep said...

Congrats, Greg....

See you out there! I start the drive out after work tomorrow! Remember our drive out in 2000?


I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Bob, in terms of snow, all I know is they recieved more snow in 07-08 winter-spring than in any other year that they actually held the race. So that should make things interesting! Not just the snow you have to go thru/over/around/slide down, but the stream and river crossings can get very interesting with the huge volume of snow melt.

I am actually gonna try a tip I heard from AJW and really wet up my feet before all my runs next week to get the skin used to being pruned/macerated/wet AND still having to be run on. This is what I remember from my 36 hours of Hardrock in 2000. Wet feet from minute 7 of the race until the finish were WET. This pruned/wet/white- sole being ripped off- phenomonen is what took me out of HURT 100 at mile 80 last year. I physically could not stand the pain of stepping on my feet. I had been running in a dry climate for months and the humidity and stream crossings and rain destroyed my feet. So I don't want a repeat of that.

Steve, Good luck with the drive! don't try to bust our speed record!

Bob Gentile said...

oh ya more snow will equal more water around ... good move to try and prune them up & get use to it... well as much as possible.

Geesh u knocked out the 2000' Hardrock, wow...is this year going the same way? or reverse?

Man this HR course is so friggin' fascinating to me ...I have to make it out there one year just to SEE IT Live!! the sick Views!!

enjoy the soaked feet runs Greg! I can hear it now "Hey Dude there is some nut job running the stairwells with buckets of water attached to his feet" lol as they go back to their cubicle and eat a box of donuts.

Bedrock said...

Good luck in Silverton man. Will definitely be rooting for you to do well.

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Comparing 2000 to 2008 is apples and oranges. In 2000 I was young, single and totally into ultras. nothing else on my plate and no other focus. I had tons of speed (could break 17min in a 5k) and regularly did track workouts. I was lifting weights regularly then and although I weigh the same now...I am not the same build. I was new to ultras (Hardrock was my 3rd 100 start.....I'm at 26 now) so I didn't know much about long stuff and nothing about the course.

So much different now. The last 20 months have been steady miles and really regaining strength and speed with lots of long runs and some tempos running. I lost some weight last year and probably have now, the best fitness level I have had in 6 years. I have built the long runs all year (31, 31, 38, 34, 41, 35, 50, 50, 50, 62) and am confident again in making the distance. I think it is down to the uncontrolables. ie..weather, course conditions, and how I react to altitude. Lets hope it all goes well! Anne already told me I HAVE to finish, no pressure now!! :-)

saschasdad said...

Nice! You should be blowing out circuits, you'll be using that stair machine so hard. Enjoy the sweet adventure in the San Juans!

Sophie Speidel said...

wooo-hooo Greg! Best of luck out there. Make us proud!