Friday, November 16, 2007

Time to Toughen Up

Thursday- off
Friday- walked easy

Time to toughen up indeed....Read this article. I hope to have as much determination and inner drive tomorrow at JFK 50 mile. Just not as bad of luck! Ugh... a tibial stress Fx that goes to far!

I can tell I am fit and ready to race as I am all anxious/nervous/fidgety and am wanting to do WELL. Many times in ultras I go to the line for the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the coolness of a course/geographical area, or to complete the distance. I am as competitive as the next person, but sometimes I don't mind and just roll along in an event as if it was just a training adventure despite having a number pinned on. But, when I feel like this, I know I will be starting off near the front of the pack and attempting to push my limits. Let's hope it goes well. This is my kind of course and the weather should be good.

Check out the incredible field- handicapped here. My dark horse for the win is an old Montrail teammate and a guy I ran JUCO XC against in 1994: Scott Wolfe


Kendra said...

oh, wow. I could barely watch the video. I'm glad there was no sound.

Good luck! I'll be seeing you at the end, if you decide to stick around at least a few hours!

Crash said...

Holly Shit...all I can say is she is hard.

Trail Goat said...

Three things, Greg.

(1) Kick some butt tomorrow! You and Sean need to make our team look respectible.

(2) If I see you crawling along the course tomorrow with a broken leg and you're not within a 100 meters of the finish, know that I will make sure you stop. :-) Besides that, go ahead and be tough!

(3) Andy J-W also poinred out Scott Wolfe as a dark horse pick for tomorrow's race.