Thursday, November 29, 2007

Run like a Dog or a 6 Year Old!

FAST and for the pure joy of it!

After taking some down days and babying my knee I was ridiculously fired up and feeling great today. So I went off to the track to stay on the flat and just did what felt good. I had no plan and just let it rip a bit. I ended up striving for 5k worth of intervals and managed that without any trouble and felt great the entire workout without even a hint of pain in my knee! yippie! More importantly it was the most fun I have had on a run in months. I wore the shoes I used for speed workouts while in Egypt and put on the Ipod shuffle for some inspiration. Both helped set the mood.

1 mile warm up
200-42, 400-83, 600-2:07, 800-2:48
400-86, 600-2:03, 800-2:45
400-77, 4x200-38,38,40,38
1 mile cool down

all on 200m recovery jog/walk and at an effort that was hard but totally in control. It felt surprisingly smooth. Perhaps some fitness is coming after all.

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