Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fleeting Invincibility

Saturday- 19 miles 4 hours- trails in Shenandoah
Sunday -11 miles w/ Anne
Monday- off
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- walked 6 miles on TM

For the first time since last October I have had some pain in my left knee tibia tubercle/patella tendon. This is a problem area for me and has taken me out for two 6 month periods previously so the slightest twinges cause me to have serious fear. The steady pounding on the towpath in the cold last week was probably a generator as my knees HATE the cold. But, additionally I have not been super vigilant about stretching my quad like I should.

In any event I took some days off, and am taking it easy. Hoping it fades as quickly as it did last fall (3 days)

Since it has really been 13 straight strong pain free months I honestly am feeling blessed. As a runner something is always looming it seems. The incredible strength and fitness running gives you....Call it a fleeting it won't last too long.

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