Sunday, February 1, 2009

week 4

Crappy weather for most of the week. DC area is not prepared for snow/ice like upstate NY. For sure! Wednesday I actually ran in and out to work wearing my yak tracks. I was the only employee to get to work on time. In fact I beat everyone else in by 2 hours. I actually ran right down the street in the yak tracks in a few places. Sidewalks are still glare ice even now in shady areas where the sun can't reach. Saturday I went to Charlottesville for a run with fellow VHTRC ultrarunners around the Rivanna ring trail. My garmin read 20.7 miles for the loop (data here) Although I planned a double loop, but the legs felt trashed and I called it a day after the first 4 hour loop.

January turned into a decent month with 273 miles.

This week was pretty weak due to the weather: (correction I am WEAK)
sun, Tues, Thursday- off

Monday- 4 miles am, 11 miles pm
Wednesday- 4 miles am, 4 miles pm
Friday- 4 am, 4 pm
saturday- 20.7 miles

Lets hope for a better week next.


Bryon Powell said...

Due to weather? Um, don't you have a treadmill in your basement? I want you to make me hurt at MMT! ;-)

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

you called me out. why am I a bitch? Now I feel like a punk. Next week is gonna be big

Bryon Powell said...

You are a punk! ;-) Now get training!

(Says the man who's run 7.5 miles this week... stupid injured calf!)