Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 5

Solid...not super, but solid 65 miles

Sunday- off
Monday- 4 miles Am, 11 milesPM
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 4 miles Am, 11 miles PM- tempo last 8 miles sub 7:00
Thursday- 11 miles
Friday- 4 Miles
Saturday- 20 miles- 3:21 with Anne

Reverse Ring 71 miler is now just 2 weeks off


Bryon Powell said...

Solid. Steady. I like it! Keep up the good training.

jeffrey wilbur said...

Hey youngster - you should be doing the last 8 in sub 6! ;) jeff

ultrastevep said...

Wow, Greg....doubles! I like it. Why if I wasn't getting so old and worn out I might be running more than I am now, too! ;-)

You are setting yourself up for a great MMT100 this year, hope it pays off.
See you next weekend,

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Looking forward to it Steve. I hope to hang out in the 80mpw range all thru March and April. Adding in the one day of speed work (tempo or mile repeats should hopefully get me back up closer to the front of the pack.