Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 a fine year

Well that's it for 2008! Another year rolls on by. Don't they go fast. 2008 saw me graduate with a graduate certificate in prosthetics from Northwestern Univ and begin a slightly different career path in prosthetics only to return to physical therapy when the economy started tanking.

The shift back to PT has been a good one and I am very pleased with my outpatient PT work in Vienna where I have seen patients from age 7 up to 89. I have helped folks heal and rehab everything from toes to brain injuries. Perhaps the best part about the job is that it has a shower in the facility and is located less then one mile access from the W & OD trail.

My commute has evolved into a good routine of the following:
1.2 mile run to the metro, 15 minute ride to vienna station, 3 mile run to work in the morning
and I either repeat this in the afternoon, or if feeling tough I run the entire 10.75 miles home.
so I get in at least 8 and some days 15 miles. My aim as the MMT 100 approaches is to increase the number of times I run the long way home to 4 per week. It'll save me money as well!

weekends I plan on running the local Potomac heritage trail to get some quality rock running time in. and 1-2 times a month I will make the trek out to the MMT course for some actual miles on THOSE rocks. My planned long runs look like this:

Jan 4- Boyers Furnace 40 miler- encircling the fort valley with a bunch of friends
Jan 17-18- at least 26 tough miles on the MMT course
Feb 7th- 26 or 52 miles of the Wild Oak Trail
Feb 21- 71 miles -I want to actually complete the reverse ring this year to join the elite group of Masters of the ring.
March 14- EFA 50k on MMT trails
March 28th- Bel Monte 50k or 50 mile
April 11- chocolate Bunny 50k- on MMT course (a night run)

with this line up and the increased weekly mileage I should be rounding into good form by May.

As for the blog...I plan to return to regular weekly posts to update my training mileage. And yes. the more I run the more I tend to blog!

2008 wrapped up for me as my 7th best year of running in terms of mileage (2425 miles total) but most prolific with 20 races, of which one was a road marathon, 14 were ultras, and one of those was my first ROAD ultra. Here's to a great 2009!


Tim Loomis said...

According to USAT&F, Tussey Mountainback was your first ROAD ultra.

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

true, but that race only had about 10 or so miles of asphalt road. Dirt road is trail in my book!