Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tapering Down, & A Look at the MMT Field

Last week was a strong one with 61 miles and a few solid runs. I continued my pattern of bigger runs followed by days off. What can I say I am an obsessed person who is lazy.....seriously contradictory I know. A few key runs lately:

26 miles- 4:22- trail
10 mile trail loop course record with 5:41 uphill mile on dirt
11 miles- asphalt bike path with a 5:28 mile with commuter pack on
12 miles on dirt in BIG rain through mud in 1:25 feeling good

Starting to really rest now. I want to be sharp next Saturday........ lots of competition in this years race. It will be hard to tune in to me and turn out all the others.

a short list of some top contenders:
Former Champs: Karl Meltzer, Todd Walker
Former Runner ups: Keith Knipling, Joe Clapper, Myself

Super stars:
Bradley Mongold - my pick to win- faster at 50k than all in the field and strong enough to run 4 back to back to back to back 75 mile here....he also hunts Kodiak bears with a bow n arrow.

Glen Redpath - finished top 3 in 6 races already THIS year! maybe raced out?
Joe Kulak - GS and last great race fastest ever...can never count out
Adam Casseday - super strong in 2008
Mike Mason- Wasatch cheetah buckler

Lesser known folks who will factor up front:
Jeremy Ramsey- 2008 Hellgate 100k champ and Horton Tough Guy
Ryan Henry- puts in 107 mile training weekends, finished the 142 mile DOUBLE MMT ring
Mario Raymond- Top 10 guy previously
Nathan Echols- always runs well
Chris Reed- ready
Steve Burton- Super tough guy with good speed
CJ Blagg- Top ten man with Georgetown track speed
Gary Harrington- NH mtn runner/hiker stud

Over 50 studs who will run faster than 25hrs:
Jeff Wilbur
Joe Clapper
Mike Broderick
Tom Corris
Marlin Yoder

Womens Race:
Amy Amy Amy!!!! Girl is amazing.. Amy Sproston - runs 22-23 hours this year


Bedrock said...

Look forward to seeing you this year. I will be slow rhino bringing up the rear. Hopefully not, but training has been less than ideal. I love MMT and will have a blast no matter what the closk says.

I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Look forward to seeing you! MMT is a special one indeed. I only hope I fair better this year than I did in 2006.