Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day Well Spent

I took a day of vacation today! In 2009 I have worked everyday. No holidays off, no inauguration day off, no snow/ice days-when no patients showed up anyway-and 80% of the staff "couldn't make it in", no nothing off. But today was a great play day! I pretended I was a pro athlete. I awoke leisurely, walked my dog, ate a healthy breakfast, watched some TV, got around my gear, then headed out for a 26 miler on the trails. Upon finishing I got a nice sandwich, a big gulp soda from 7/11, had a shower, took a nap, and now am blogging. What a great life this would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This run was my last big training effort for the MMT 100, which is now a mere 18 days away. I got in some rock hopping along the potomac heritage trail. I ran in the heat and humidity (and horrible pollen) and then got on the C&O tow path for some miles with nothing in the tank. During the entire 4:22 of running I only ingested one 200cal sleeve of clifshot blocks. Hungry "bonk" runs are great for training the old body (I did turn 35 on Sunday) how to mobilize and burn fat. I am getting very efficient as I was not really suffering that badly and was able to run 8:45 pace the last 14 miles despite taking 60sec walk breaks every mile.

I am excited, and let visions of rocking the night section of MMT play in my head the last few miles today.


Bryon Powell said...

Rock on!

B.Gill said...

anyone else smell that?

smells like a sub-24 hr finish to me...

ultrastevep said...

Greg you are back to being the old Greg Loomis I remember! I will enjoy watching you "rock" on May 16th :-)