Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elizabeth Furnace 50k

Sunday-off- Painting
Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- off- painting
Wednesday- 12 mile tempo- 1:26 miles 8-11 in 19:17
Thursday- 2 miles (blah speed KILLS!)
Friday- 4 miles
Saturday- 31miles- 6:32

This week the long run beat downs continued with some specific hilly-rocky- crazy running on the Massanutten mtn trails themselves at the EFA 50k. Unlike last weekend the day stated off cool and cloudy with temps in the 30's and the forecast for rain. Luckily it held off for 5 and a half hours and then only drizzled. Not until the last 10 minutes of the run did I really feel like I was getting wet.

The goal all spring has been to continue to get stronger and keep in touch with the ugly footing of trails without getting too sore, tired, or injured. So far I have managed that, but I have had to back off the mileage during the week. This week was true to that form plus the daylight savings time switch was of no help. I hate getting up in the AM at 4:50 to make it off on my morning 4 mile run commute into work...and when my body feels like it is really just did not happen Monday-Thursday.

Yesterday on the run my hamstrings felt last weekends 50k, but the quads were strong and felt fresh. I think they are finally over the Reverse Ring run of 3 weeks ago. Once Mike Bur had said the "go!" command I went to the front with Sean Andrish, Brian Schmidt and Will Weidman running the orange blaze trail from signal knob parking strongly. Soon I was by myself with Sean, Brian and Will off the front and the rest of the pack stretching out behind. I settled in and soon found myself running with CJ Blagg and Joe Clapper. We would end up staying together most all of the day. All of us are prepping for another go at MMT 100 with dream goals of cracking the 24hr barrier there. Conversation was great and the pace just right. I still fall behind while walking the climbs but am gaining fitness and have no trouble on the flats or downs and am beginning to be able to run some of the ups.

To stay with these guys I had too after a pit stop and missing a turn 23 miles in. I needed to catch up to them climbing up Sherman gap. ugh! Hills are tough! After making our way up Sherman, sure-footing the ridge line and beginning the fun descent we had John and Jack come up and sprint on by with 2 miles to go. None of us felt like giving chase so we didn't and ended up placing 4,5, and 6th in 6:32. Last time I ran this course it took me 8:30! Nice run.

The next phase of training will focus on contueing to gain some speed and fitness. I need to increase the weekly mileage back to the 70 mpw range and really need to make sure I start doing hill repeats at least once weekly. To break 24hrs at MMT you have to run some of the climbs. Plain and simple.

Next weekend Anne and I will be touring the street of DC in the National Marathon

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Sophie Speidel said...


I have added regular hill repeats to this training cycle for Terrapin and BRR. Not much track, but hilly tempos and 5x 2:00 or 3x 4:00 on a hill in the middle of a 8-12 miler. Yesterday I was able to pick up the pace and pass anyone near me on the hills of the Martha Jeff 8K downtown---fairly hilly. I was psyched! I am a now a true believer in hill repeats, having never really focused on them too much until this cycle.

Sounds like you are getting some good face time with the MMT trails. Have you read Steve Pero's latest post? I can totally relate---interesting! Good for you for giving those rocks another go!