Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to Throw Down

Week 2 post Hardrock
3 runs = 29 miles 1 easy, 1 speed, 1 moderate

Now, feeling recovered and well motivated it is time to start throwing it down. I hope to put in more miles in the month of August than I have ever done in one month. My current record is 380 miles from June of 1998 (last 11 years monthly mileage seen here) Getting in a 400 mile month would be nice.

For motivation I am using the following:

and good VHTRC buddy Sophie

On the personal side, no luck finding a house yet!!!! :-(

1 comment:

Bob Gentile said...

ahhh 400 mile month...Good luck with throwing that down :-)

Glad you recovered well Greg from HR and ready to turn it up a few notches!