Sunday, May 4, 2008


Saturday- travel off
Sunday- 13.5- along lakeshore

wow, amazing city skyline and views from the lakefront/lakeshore bike/running path! I am surprised at the lakes great blue/turquoise color. PRETTY! a great sunny day here today temps in the 60's. Light breeze off the lake as I ran. I toured the path from the condo I am renting a room in down to the RIC where I'll be going to class and back. FLAT! gonna take some getting used to the concrete/blacktop flatness. But, there is a dirt path alongside of much of the bikepath. Today I saw all of the following on my run:
runners, bikers, tandom bike riders, bikers pulling kids in trailers, joggers pushing strollers, rollerbladers, roller bladers pushing strollers, dogs being walked, run, played with in the water, catching frisbees, folks playing softball, baseball, Frisbee, soccer, golf, tennis, and juggling. WOW active place. It is going to be nice.

If I choose to commute the route is 6.6 miles one way. I am 2 blocks from the north entrance to Lincoln park...and the RIC is on Superior street down by the Drake hotel and the Navy Pier for those who know Chicago.

I had some Thick (chicago deepdish) pizza following the run. MMMMMMMMMMmmmm gonna like living here for 8 weeks me thinks. as I was showering I was thinking about all the places I have lived for at least 35 days. In chronological order:

Cambpell, NY
Jonesboro, AR
Alfred, NY
Hendersonville, NC
Ithaca, NY
Columbia, SC
Natick, MA
San Antonio, TX
Framingham, MA
Clarksville, TN
Charlottesville, VA
Takoma, WA
Arlington, VA
BF, Egypt
Richmond, VA
Chicago, IL

And if you want to be really specific... I have had 17 different mailing addresses in the last 15 years since I graduated from highschool. This does not include 5 separate 30-70 day stays in different locations (such as the 60 days I'll be in chicago now...but still LIVE and get mail in Richmond) Can anyone top that??


Trail Goat said...

My list is much shorter:
Titusville, NJ (x 4)
Haverford, PA (x 4)
Elko, NV
Washington, DC
Arlington, VA (x 3)
Park City, UT (x 2)

That list is chronological based on the first time I lived in a location. The list would be in a much different order if it were based on my favorite places to live. ;-)

Bedrock said...

One of the things I miss about living in Chicago five years ago is the deep dish pizza. I also actually really liked the Central time zone. Marios East and Giordanos were a favorite haunt of mine back then and I had the waistline to prove it. Hope all goes well while you are in the "Windy City"

Bedrock said...

By the way, good luck at Ice Age.

Sue said...

To think, when we met you were living in Natick!

Have fun in Chicago.


Paul DeWitt said...

Loomdog - Maybe you could work up a David Letterman style "top 10 places not to live if you are a trail runner" list! But to be fair, If I had to live in a big city, Chicago would be at the top of my list due to its food, music, and architecture. Not sure about the trails though.
Here's my list. The last 4 are all within 40 miles of each other so not sure if they count.
Phoenix, AZ
Buffalo, NY
Raleigh, NC
Lexington, KY
Wilmington, NC
Colo Springs, CO
Woodland Park, CO
Monument, CO
Palmer Lake, CO

- paul

Greg "Loomdog" Loomis said...

So Bryon, where IS your favorite place to live??

I actually was in Natcick, got sent to Texas for 6 months and then came back and moved off the base in natick to Framingham (10k on the marathon course) when I first met steve Pero and you. We ran in Jan 1999. my how the years go by!

Paul, thanks for checking in. Chicago is definatley nice with the lakeshore preserved for a park and not built right on top of! I suspect living here might be pretty tough though....need a good treadmill! :-)

Bedford, Ice Age was great! I recommend it.

Trail Goat said...

Independent of work, my favorite place that I've lived was Park City. Without a doubt. Number 2 would likely be Elko, NV - though the trails of Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville, NJ have a special place in my heart.

Ford said...

Dude.... you forgot Eagle-Vail, CO I think we lived there for more than 35 days? or was it only 34 days???? actually, how long were we there? I really don't know!