Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last week: 36 miles on 5 runs in 4 days.

All runs short. (5-10 miles) I completed my first double of 2008 last Tuesday by running 5miles in the am with Anne, and 7 miles around the riverbank loop here in town in the afternoon after work. It felt really good. But the next day I was tired/bonky. I gotta eat better.

This weekend I did not get anything long or fast in (a shock huh?!) and I have now gone 5 straight weeks with out a speed workout!!! Not sure why that happens. I really have good intentions. I'm just lazy and enjoy running without pushing the effort too much I guess.

Yesterday was a good run as I did 21 miles around the Charlottesville Rivanna trail and only got lost a little bit by 5th street (looking for a trail extension) and then a bit more by Avon street (looking for the actual trail (its unmarked there!)

The loop with getting lost time took me 3:39 compared to 2 weeks ago when it took 3:55. I suppose the third time will be the charm and I won't get lost at all!

I'm getting excited for this weekends Bel Monte 50k/50mile. Time to do some LONG running. I am stepping up to the 50 mile. Should be fun....lets hope for good weather so I can enjoy the beautiful course.


Trail Goat said...

Slacking? I thought you were talking about your blogging slacking! ;-) I've been run and blog slacking of late. Hoping to jump start both soon. Good luck at BM this weekend. Let's get in touch re running soon. We don't live THAT far apart and we might as well hit the mountains during the brief nice stretch between winter and the interminable summer.

navy_runner said...

Slacking??? Your body probably needed the break. How many runs of 20-40 miles have you done in the past 10 weeks? You know, you can go a weekend without a long run and focus on some shorter/faster runs that week without the world coming to an end. No wonder why you are so slow!!!!!!

Sophie Speidel said...


Next time you come up for the RT let me know and I will tell you how to find the spur off the Fontaine Research park section and the spur off 5th Street. If you do both of those sections, you'll have run almost 22 miles and it will be official!